Friday, September 13, 2019

What Can Be Borrowed, What Can Not?

What Can Be Borrowed, What Can Not?

The Wisdom of seeing the outer world and the inner world!

If a friend asks you to borrow something or money to them, what situation you can say yes? And what circumstances you can't?

Only when you have that resource, you can say yes. For example, a friend asks you borrow 100 dollars, you have to have that resource for saying yes.

The material world works in this way, so as the inner world. Only when we have the inner resources, we can send out.

If a person is cynical, full of anger, cursing people all the time, those behavior reflect their inner resources.

On the other hand, if a person is calm, caring, and respectful in any situation, which shows that person is full of love and gratitude.

The outer world mirrors the inner world. When we have something inside, that would be shown outside.

Normally, we are not an extreme 100% good or bad person. Therefore, it is important to achieve inner balance.

Friendly behavior requires inner resources of kindness; disruptive behaviors are based on hurtful inner resources.

Moreover, the inner resources established through learning, not come from our genes. In other words, if you desire to change your inner world, LEARNING is your way.

If someone says, "I cannot change", which means "I refuse to learn and refuse to change."

Lastly, I encourage you ff receiving any blessings at any situation, recognize those are the inner resources from others which is priceless.

Bless you, all.

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